Executive Recruitment

The Location

North Northamptonshire is an eclectic mix of vibrant towns, quaint villages, historic landmarks and beautiful countryside views. It offers choice to new residents and visitors, for lifestyle and accommodation and rural or urban living.

The area is criss-crossed by key transport links: the M1 to the North and the South, the A14 to the East and the West. Major cities such as London, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge are all within around an hours travelling distance. An efficient rail network provides fast services to popular routes; ideal for commuters and visitors.

North Northamptonshire has been growing progressively and responsibly in terms of housing, business and jobs.  The area benefits from excellent connectively and housing that is competitively priced. The distribution, logistics and supporting industries benefit from the location. However, relatively new industries such as green energy establishing themselves and the area benefits from its location on the Cambridge Oxford Arc.